Our quality, purpose made joinery
Some of our staff & premesis
Our quality, purpose made joinery
Some of our staff & premesis
Our quality, purpose made joinery
Some of our staff & premesis

Customer Complaints Procedure

Laverack Joinery Ltd. is committed to providing high-quality joinery products, which meet the standards our customers expect of us, and we expect of ourselves.

We make every effort to ensure that everything we manufacture is produced fit for purpose, to the satisfaction of our customer or their representative, on time, and to the price agreed.

If a customer believes that they have reason to be dissatisfied with the product or the service we have supplied, we will try to the best of our ability to find a mutually acceptable solution. It is company policy that all complaints are treated seriously and professionally, treating complainants with sympathy and empathy, using these situations as an opportunity to learn.

If a query or complaint is received, it will be referred to a member of the office team, who will contact the customer directly to clarify the details. The complaint will be logged and if appropriate or necessary, they will arrange for an inspection visit. If we conclude that we are in some way responsible for the problem that has arisen, we undertake to rectify it in a mutually agreeable manner as soon as possible. Once the issue is considered resolved by both parties, the complaint will then be closed.

If further advice or assistance is required, or if it is agreed that an independent view is required, we may seek the opinion of the Technical Department of the British Woodworking Federation.

We aim to respond initially to any query or complaint within 10 working days. We hope to agree any remedial action, which may be required within 10 working days of the inspection.

We keep a written and digital record of all complaints and queries received, and review them from time to time in order to ensure that problems do not recur.


Environmental and Waste Management Policy

Laverack Joinery Ltd. recognises that as a manufacturer of joinery and woodworking products, our business has an impact on the environment in terms of the waste it generates, its use of raw materials and emissions to air and water. We are committed to protecting our local environment and accept that we have a responsibility to minimise any potentially harmful effects arising from our activities to ourselves, our workforce and our neighbours.

We aim to balance our business with environmental considerations so as to contribute towards sustainable development, so that we can meet our needs in the present, without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs in the future.

We endeavour to minimise the environmental impact of our work, and in particular to reduce noise, dust and waste wherever possible. We have in place processes and procedures, which are intended to prevent pollution as a result of our operations.

We make efficient use of energy resources wherever possible.

We want to improve our environmental performance. In order to do this, we regularly assess how the business performs against specific environmental targets and objectives, which we consider are relevant to what we do. We will always look for ways to:

  • -maximise our use of materials;
  • -conserve energy and water;
  • -reduce, minimise or prevent the generation of waste;
  • -recycle or reuse waste.

Our employees play an important part in enabling us live up to this commitment. We will ensure that they understand this policy and that they receive the support and training necessary they need to work with it. In turn, we expect them to accept their share of the responsibility for applying this policy to their areas of work.

We will work with our suppliers and subcontractors to help them improve their environmental performance, and we hope that they will help us to improve ours. We specify environmentally friendly products wherever possible and reasonably practical, and are willing to advise on environmentally friendly alternatives if asked.

We are proud of our environmental commitment.


Training and Development Policy

Laverack Joinery Ltd. is committed to providing high-quality joinery products, which meet the standards our customers expect of us and we expect of ourselves.

It is therefore essential that we employ trained and competent workers. We review our skills needs on a regular basis and are committed to investing in training and development. We use a variety of on the job, in-house and external training in order to meet the needs of the business. Workers are expected to participate in developing their skills, although their personal wishes in respect of their career development will be respected.

All workers joining the company will be provided with an induction and individually encouraged to take part in further training to equip them to perform the tasks determined by the firm. Training will be provided to meet needs arising from performance or disciplinary matters and the worker will be expected to participate in the training.

This policy will be implemented in line with the company's Equal Opportunities Policy.

Aims and Objectives of Training and Development

Training and development (including gaining qualifications) will be allocated to individuals according to their existing qualifications and training record and to ensure that the company meets any legal and regulatory obligations and that workers can function efficiently and effectively.

Training and development will be prioritised as follows:

  • -Legal/ regulatory requirements (e.g. updating and gaining appropriate qualifications).
  • -Updating skills, which are essential for Health and Safety (e.g. manual handling, operation of new machinery, and use of new materials).
  • -Training, which will develop the business in general (e.g. acquisition of Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS) cards, communication, customer service and other skills).
  • -Personal Development (e.g. courses and training that benefits the individual as opposed to the company).

Training and Development will take place over time and according to these priorities.

Any queries regarding Training and Development should be refereed to Robert Laverack.